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Our Mission
Our mission is simple: to deliver exceptional legal services and build strong, lasting client relationships.

Why Bailey Reyes?

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    Trial Ready

    Advocacy for our clients is our passion. Unlike some firms who never try cases, we are ready to take your case to trial.

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    Focused On You

    No two cases are the same. We know our clients by name, not file number. At The Bailey Reyes Law Firm we evaluate your unique needs, collaborate with you and take the most appropriate path to resolve your case.

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    Dedicated Advocates

    As your personal advocates, we are your voice to the court. The lawyers at The Bailey Reyes Law Firm are reliable and effective advocates in our community. We know your story matters and strive to tell it with purpose.

Our Team
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Family Law
We assist clients with the following matters:

  • Divorce

    Getting a divorce is one of the most difficult and painful events in the life of a family-for both the parents and the chidlren...

  • Child Custody

    Child custody matters that arise in the course of a divorce are very serious. Decisions made have the potential to affect you...

  • Child Support

    Child support is a set monthly payment that is paid by a non-custodial spouse to a custodial spouse to provide for the regular expenses of the children from a marriage...

  • Adoption

    An adoption is a legal arrangement where parental rights are transferred from the natural or birth parents to the adoptive parents...

  • Enforcing Custody Orders

    Visitation agreements created during or after a divorce are an incredibly important tool to help families feel like they are still together to some extent...

  • Protective Orders

    Family violence (also known as domestic violence) is an act or threat by one member of a family or a household against another...

  • Paternity

    In cases where the parents of a child are not married, the father must be adjudicated before any orders regarding child support, visitation and access...

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    Child Welfare (CPS)

    At our Law Firm, we defend parents in CPS cases when CPS files to take custody of a child. We stand ready to help you if CPS calls you or visits you informing you of allegations of abuse or neglect. Do not navigate these serious cases alone! It is imperative that you seek legal counsel to protect your rights.

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